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a multimedia project • launched 1 january 2016


WSH’s creative lead Larry J. Sanders hosts a semi-weekly podcast on current events (and more often than not, their intersections with race). Featured guests come from varying backgrounds and include friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

Russy to the Rockets + Other NBA Free Agency Talk with Kyr Rashad Mack (Ep. 24)


Lead creative Larry J. Sanders and Let’s Talk Bruh’s Kyr Rashad Mack discuss an unexpected Russell Westbrook-Chris Paul swap, whether the trade makes sense, and other free agency odds-and-ends.

  • Houston really traded for Russy? (1:50)

  • Larry’s long-simmering Reggie Jackson rant (15:30)

  • Is DeMarcus Cousins still good? (24:00)

  • Warriors offseason + basketball now being a 12-month sport (32:45)

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