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Takeaways from Game 1

I think Golden State got a tad bit lucky. It’s insane LeBron continues to play these 48-minute games in Season 15, but I have no reason to believe he’ll slow down, either. And, to his credit, he has a short memory: for better or worse, he’ll be kicking the ball to Earl for open 3s on Sunday as if nothing happened tonight. He doesn’t really have a choice, no. But I’m not doubting the guy again. He’s in every game he wants to be in. If he can find that little bit of help, he can absolutely positively steal this ring. And I am very excited to see him try.

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I Hate Sam Presti (aka Death of a Dynasty II)

#THUNDERUP was the gang: my guys made the NBA Finals in 2012, giving LeBron and the Heatles a (semi-) competitive series. In the closing seconds of Game 5, ABC’s cameras cut over to Russy, Kevin, and James — arms draped around each other, clearly disappointed but still youthfully exuberant, aware their trio would absolutely positively return to the championship round. James was due a contract extension, but *clutches pearls* we’d never play with the future of the franchise! I’ve never been more certain of a basketball fiefdom — at least not since Jordan’s Bulls.

On October 27, 2012, around 6PM London time, I learned the Thunder traded James Harden to the Houston Rockets. The Thunder vaguely claimed they were unable to reach an agreement on a contract extension; James was seeking a maximum contract of $60 million over 4 years, which the Thunder countered by asking him to take a $4.5 million discount. The Thunder traded away their third head over a mid-level exception.

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WSH's 2018 NBA All-Star Selections

Having watched an inordinate amount of hoop this year (shoutout to my Warriors-exclusive League Pass subscription), I think I’m around 77% qualified to tick off who I believe should make this year’s All-Star team. Plus, I needed to get my selections on the website before the official choices for the game's starters come out in like five minutes. Drumroll, please...

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Lórenzo's Way-Too-Late 2016 NBA Finals Analysis

I don’t know if these really classify at ‘hot takes.’ I’d consider these more as thoughts I had entering the game and observations made during. I really wanted to write all of these in the immediate aftermath of the game, but I figured giving myself a day or two to sit on them might prove that these thoughts were far more emotional than logical.

A month later, and naw. I believe everything I thought then and that I’ll write now. But, some of you might view these as still very scorching opinions here, and the catchphrase ‘hot take’ seems good for clickbait, but whatever. To begin:

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Lórenzo and the Frustrating, Annoying, Perplexing, Distressing Detroit Tigers

Since the beginning of the 2006 season, the Detroit Baseball Tigers have a cumulative record of 864-756, more than 100 games above .500. They've employed one of the five-most dominant pitches of the decade and one of the greatest hitters of all-time. Those two, Justin Verlander and Miguel Cabrera, have each won MVP trophies and earned Triple Crown accolades. Year after year after year, the Tigers have gone after the "superstar" deemed necessary to get us over the proverbial hump: Dontrelle Willis, Prince Fielder, David Price. Still no rings to show for it.

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Dear, Chauncey

I cannot remember the first time I'd heard about you, but I know it was while I was super young. I'd never heard a name like yours, and I thought it was so dope. Chauncey Billups. I rooted for you to be good because you have one of the greatest names ever. I was a simple kid.

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On #24's Retirement

I’ve loved watching Kobe Bryant fail. Or, at least flounder a little bit. I cannot tell you the genesis of my Kobe hate. As a tithe-paying member of the Church of Michael Jordan, my hope has always been that he never be better than Mike. Christmas 1999, my dad and stepmom got me NBA Courtside for Nintendo 64 with the cover athlete being none other than a 19-year-old Kobe Bean Bryant. Granted, I’d never really seen the guy play, but my 7-year-old mind couldn’t comprehend the hype. His afro looked stupid. He didn’t even start. He played for the Lakers. His afro looked really really stupid. On this side of the country, I watched Grant Hill and Vince Carter and Allen Iverson get buckets and, from my perspective, Kobe couldn’t have been any better than them. What had this dude done to deserve a video game cover?

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