W  H  A  T  S  U  I  T  S  H  I  M
launched 1 january 2016
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Project curator Larry J. Sanders (@lorenzojvstxn) hosts a semi-weekly podcast on current events (and their intersection with race, more often than not). Featured guests come from varying backgrounds and include friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

Donald Glover, Kanye West, and the ills of fame with Rhyanna Morgan | W S H Radio (Ep. 9)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders shares his opinions on Donald Glover's rise to mainstream prominence (4:00) and the recent jump to compare Glover to Kanye West (18:30). Later, TV + film critic Rhyanna Morgan joins to discuss Kanye's recent behavior (27:30), the newness of Childish Gambino's character (31:40), and our overexposure to celebrities in 2018 (34:50).

There are written pieces coming soon! We're like 4 essays in the hole, but they'll be up and live on the website ASAP. In the meantime, consider joining the Mid-Aughts Music Review Challenge, and be on the lookout for big news coming from the project in the next few weeks. Season 2 of W S H Radio begins June 11.

And before you go, support #SKATINGWITHAPURPOSE, a skating party fundraiser co-sponsored by TeamCedricGill on behalf of Tyler Smith, a freshman at Detroit's Renaissance High School who will be travelling to China this summer with our assistance. Donations are gladly accepted ($skatingwithapurpose + $teamcedricgill), but we'd love to see you there next Saturday. Contact Larry if you need more info!