W  H  A  T  S  U  I  T  S  H  I  M
launched 1 january 2016
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Project curator Larry J. Sanders (@lorenzojvstxn) hosts a semi-weekly podcast on current events (and their intersection with race, more often than not). Featured guests come from varying backgrounds and include friends, family members, and professional colleagues.

Rhyanna Morgan + William Garner on 'Atlanta', music tech & Kanye West | W S H Radio (Ep. 7)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders is joined by television and film critic Rhyanna Morgan and project contributor William Garner to discuss the current season of Atlanta (3:00), the transition from CDs to digital music (17:15), re-rank our favorite Kanye West albums (26:20), Lupe Fiasco’s legacy (36:00), and Big Sean’s “corniness” (41:00).

Make sure you support the Beat the Buzzer Podcast and donate towards their goal of collecting bikes for folks of all ages! Follow Rhyanna and William on Twitter, and check out The Glam Korner, Rhyanna’s beauty project with Ms. Jacqueline Elliott.