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October 2017

Black Superstar Power: The Political Awakening of the Millennial Athlete

Sure, continue to ignore all the intentional system failures harming people of color in the name of pretending we don’t have a legitimate gripe. Let’s also pretend these wealthy, black athletes weren’t dead broke once-upon-a-time, because in this fantasy, they shouldn’t complain about anything! They don’t have it bad at all! Or — even better — let’s continue to pretend that America has this spotless history, that the many terrible things happening right now in the United States — white supremacist rallies, mass shootings by domestic terrorists, the election of an incompetent imbecile to run the country — are just aberrations and not the byproduct of backlash from the eight years prior, anger not only of a black man being President, but of him being damned good at it, too.

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A Dose of Reality: Def Comedy Jam, 25 Years Later

Def Comedy Jam premiered on July 1, 1992, 3 weeks after my birth. If I’ve seen an episode of Def Comedy Jam before, I can’t remember it. Granted, I grew up in a house without HBO, and by the end of the show’s first run in 1997, I was barely old enough to watch television unsupervised. Regardless, watching this special — this celebration — instantaneously made Def Comedy Jam my favorite thing, maybe ever. Netflix was kind enough to give us 90 minutes of their reunion. I need that unreleased footage though, and sooner-than-later.

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