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launched 1 january 2016

January 2017

Finally Famous: The Essay

You hear Big Sean rap “hit after hit / check the batting average” on “Moves,” track six on his forthcoming I Decided., and you’re forced to recognize that, no, those aren't alternative facts. He’s on an incredible winning streak. TWENTY88, his joint project with his buddy Jhené Aiko, very nearly made my 2016 list of favorite albums, and “Bounce Back” is one of the five best things he’s ever done, hands down. It’s so much fun watching him right now; he’s in a zone, more confident than he’s ever been, and definitely aware that all he can do is be the best version of himself. I do believe Sean was always cognizant of the lack of respect he’d be given in comparison with his contemporaries, but it’s clear now that he doesn’t care. He beat the odds: he’s made it to his fourth album while a ton of his peers have been one-and-done, if they even get that far.

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Story time.

About three months ago, I considered shuttering the website. In many ways, and for a number of reasons, my confidence was shot. I hadn't written a thing in months, and the whole project was starting to feel like an enormous and expensive waste of time. I’ve never been big on asking God for signs, but that day, I prayed during lunch that God reveal to me whether W S H was still worth the effort.

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