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a multimedia project • launched 1 january 2016


A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

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William Garner | WSH Radio (Ep. 18)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes back WSH contributor and budding author William Garner to discuss their current issues with Facebook (7:00), social media’s increasing gloominess (14:30), “FOMO” and its negatives (18:00), social media’s detrimental effects on self-awareness (27:15), and the pros and cons of constantly having platforms to speak (33:30).

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ChinaMan Himself | WSH Radio (Ep. 16)

Fresh off hiatus (and another relocation), project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes rapper-producer ChinaManHimself to the new WSH Radio studio to discuss the patience required when launching a business (8:40), struggles transitioning into adulthood (21:05), the current strategy of Kanye West (28:45), the good and bad of social media (37:00), our perspective on work vs. older generations (45:35), and Kanye one more time to close (50:35).

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WHATSUITSHER Radio (feat. Leah Hill & Jamilah Jackson) | WSH Radio (Ep. 15)

Originally recorded July 23, Kindred Media's Leah Hill & The Nomadic Blogger Jamilah Jackson join project curator Larry J. Sanders for a takeover of WSH Radio. The three discuss this year's National Association of Black Journalists Convention & Career Fair in Detroit (5:45), the continued planning of the Kindred Music & Culture Festival (12:25), our favorite Detroit childhood memories (25:00), launching Kindred Media (29:00), social media and other burgeoning forms of millennial journalism (40:40), and stray World Cup thoughts (47:50).

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Rhyanna Morgan, William Garner + Keenan Terry | WSH Radio (Ep. 14)

Recorded July 16, project curator Larry J. Sanders is joined by WSH's entertainment critic Rhyanna Morgan, project contributor William Garner, and Beat the Buzzer's Keenan Terry for a mid-year check-in; the quartet discusses their favorite movies so far in 2018 (3:30), political correctness and faux outrage (12:10), our perspective of the country in relation to 2014 (21:20), America's current political climate (33:00), updates on Lightskinned Lórenzo's summer (42:30), our 2018 music favorites (45:40), and the celebrities with whom we'd most like to party (51:15).

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Marcel Smith + Markus Montague | WSH Radio (Ep. 13)

Recorded July 9, project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes multi-hyphenate Marcel Smith and professional basketball player Markus Montague to explore the Essential Colors personality assessment model (3:55), Marcel’s evolution as a basketball coach (12:25), the changes in travel basketball (15:15), this year’s NBA rookie class (18:00), Steph Curry’s standing all-time (25:35), and Detroit’s continuing renaissance (29:00).

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