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A Quick NBA Finals Rant + Albums of the Decade, Pt. I with Rhyanna Morgan (Ep. 21)

Lead creative Larry J. Sanders quickly runs through the Warriors-Raptors NBA Finals matchup through the first five games before introducing the WSH Radio Albums of the Decade project and jumping into Part One of the series with WSH entertainment critic Rhyanna Morgan.

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WSH's Fourth Annual (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs • #4

While “APESHIT” is the obvious choice for a year-end list, the stadium anthem with the pop appeal, and “HEARD ABOUT US” is my subjective favorite (I need to roller-skate to that song within the next 90 days, for real), “BLACK EFFECT” expertly manifests the blackness of their love in a way that makes my heart smile, the album’s very believable reminder that their accumulated wealth does not mean they’ve forsaken the revolution. In fact, they seem to argue that their access to particular resources makes them a greater asset to their people — and therefore a pretty significant threat to the status quo, should they choose to be. And they’re not wrong: from Hov highlighting his recent, exaggerated run-ins with law enforcement to Beyoncé articulating the importance of a black woman’s mere existence in places of high society, neither of them have been reticent in discussing their blackness in relation to their success. Now raising 3 children of their own and fully committed to each other while still at the peak of their respective musical powers, what better time than now to show their babies and the world that they’re in this together? Maybe the revolution will be televised, all things considered. The Carters might own a television station next.

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WSH's Fourth Annual (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs • #5

Does biting have the same effect if you do it better than the person you bit? Is that even a relevant question? Drake bites whole genres, if that’s the game we’re playing! Maybe Travis Scott is just such a believable superstar that certain lyrics carry more weight coming from him than, say, NAV or Gunna or Starrah; any time I hear one of these brand-new rappers mention chartering private jets, I sort-of reflexively roll my eyes, but Trav absolutely has a jet with a bed and big-ass windows that can cover 10 hours of airspace in only 4. And I really really wouldn’t mind traveling alongside him and Gunna on that jet, I will not tell a lie.

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William Garner | WSH Radio (Ep. 18)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes back WSH contributor and budding author William Garner to discuss their current issues with Facebook (7:00), social media’s increasing gloominess (14:30), “FOMO” and its negatives (18:00), social media’s detrimental effects on self-awareness (27:15), and the pros and cons of constantly having platforms to speak (33:30).

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