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Willie Mac Jr. | WSH Radio (Ep. 6)

This week, project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes nascent Detroit artist + entrepreneur Willie Mac Jr. to discuss old Bates Academy (2:05), his transition into music (3:50), performing "Dance Willie" (15:40), shooting the video for "Detroit's Own" (20:10), their mutual love of JAY-Z (24:00), birthday love for young Cedric Gill (37:50), how good Joel Embiid is at basketball (47:20), and quick hits on James Harden, LeBron, the OG Thunder, and Kyrie Irving (52:00).

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The Third Annual WSH (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs, Day One

Everything’s a vibe nowadays, but “Dance Willie” is ridiculously infectious. Listen to his first few records — which I personally like — and you can hear the growth in his flow and his lyrics. “Why should I listen? / We moved downtown before the Pistons” is such a glorious stunt, my Lord. That line has been stuck in my head for months. Forgive the convenient comparison, but it’s analogous to GoldLink's “Crew” in so many ways: “Dance Willie” is the manifesto of a mid-20s black man loyal to his city and his friends, and he’s determined to make something of himself while remaining true to his roots. And he’s doing it legally. And the music’s good!

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