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Blake Hall, Founder of FNF Clothing | WSH Radio (Ep. 4)

And we're back! Took nearly a year to record Episode 4 of WSH Radio, but we got it done. Much love to Podcast Detroit for their assistance with getting back on air.

Project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes Blake Hall, founder of Fresh Never Fades Clothing, to discuss the FNF brand and its growth as it celebrates its fifth anniversary (1:00), recent music releases (12:05), thoughts on rappers lying (14:30), fashion preferences (23:00), and their respective shoe addictions (29:15).

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Mr. Me Too: Rediscovering Originality in Urban Fashion

I find it very ironic that I write this article in the midst of the "Mannequin Challenge" because, for the past few years, I've been seeing a lot of mannequins. Not mannequins in the sense of folks standing still, but in a fashion sense.

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