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WSH's Fourth Annual (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs • #3

“Love You Better” was officially released in February, so it appears I spent 10 full months preaching his gospel, wondering how anyone could still be unconvinced of his future starpower. Admittedly, having Chris Brown sing your hooks is never a bad idea, but again, Christian perfectly channels his dad’s charisma, seemingly blooming into an actual rapper rapper in no time. He more than holds his own next to Chris, never allowing the veteran to snatch his spotlight. Between that sample and Christian’s flow and that very dope, Biggie-inspired video, I still haven’t figured out why this song wasn’t more of a rocket. He’s Puff’s kid! And he’s good! I’d be so mad if I made a smash like this and my music mogul father didn’t payola my way to the top. (I’m joking. Kinda.)

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