The Second-Annual Kindred Music & Culture Festival + More with Leah Hill (Ep. 26)


WSH lead creative Larry J. Sanders welcomes back Kindred Media’s Leah Hill in anticipation of the second-annual Kindred Music & Culture Festival. The two discuss:

  • The experience and successes of last year’s Kindred Fest (4:05)

  • Ways in which this year’s festival has grown from last year’s (8:10)

  • The increased diversity in this year’s performers (12:20)

  • Recent Detroit festival news and its intersection with Kindred Fest (16:20)

  • Goals for Kindred Media short- and long-term (22:00)

Get your tickets for Kindred Fest 2019 before they’re gone for good! Vendors and volunteers are also still needed — visit the Kindred Fest website for more information.