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A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

Rhyanna Morgan, William Garner + Keenan Terry | WSH Radio (Ep. 14)


Recorded July 16, project curator Larry J. Sanders is joined by WSH's entertainment critic Rhyanna Morgan, project contributor William Garner, and Beat the Buzzer's Keenan Terry for a mid-year check-in; the quartet discusses their favorite movies so far in 2018 (3:30), political correctness and faux outrage (12:10), our perspective of the country in relation to 2014 (21:20), America's current political climate (33:00), updates on Lightskinned Lórenzo's summer (42:30), our 2018 music favorites (45:40), and the celebrities with whom we'd most like to party (51:15).

On behalf of TeamCedricGill, we appreciate everyone showing up for #THEFUNDRAISER2; check out the recap video and TCG's Instagram for footage from the event. With your continued support, we'll be able to sponsor our first cohort of student-athletes in the near future! Our Cashapp is also still wide open; send a donation to $TeamCedricGill if you feel so inclined. We'll be back with more events very very soon.