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A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

Beat the Buzzer Podcast | WSH Radio (Ep. 12)


Originally recorded July 3, project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes Keenan Terry & Cardo Patterson from the Beat the Buzzer Podcast to discuss their respective podcast beginnings (3:25), the challenges of launching a podcast (6:35), DeMarcus Cousins’s move to Golden State (20:40), the fall-off of Isaiah Thomas (28:30), the Lakers’ moves since signing LeBron (33:00), Lonzo Ball’s upside (39:25), and the Pistons’ chances moving forward (44:30).

The Beat the Buzzer boys will be off their hiatus shortly; get all caught up before they drop their new episodes! Also, #THEFUNDRAISER2 is July 15 — watch our video for more details. Only a few hours left to sign up!