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A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

Willie Mac Jr. + Leah Hill | WSH Radio (Ep. 11)

This week, project curator Larry J. Sanders is joined by Kindred Media’s Leah Hill & Detroit artist + entrepreneur Willie Mac Jr. to discuss the inaugural Kindred Music & Culture Festival (2:55), Willie’s newest project Inć University: Back to Cool (8:25), Willie’s entrepreneurial efforts in downtown Detroit with his family through the city’s changing demographics (15:55), the importance of education given today’s access to information (31:00), and their thoughts on today’s political climate (34:00).

July’s about to be active. #THEFUNDRAISER2, sponsored by TeamCedricGill, is scheduled for July 15 from 12:00pm — 5:00pm at Detroit’s Dequindre Cut Freight Yard; from there, we’re heading over to Willie’s release party for Inć University: Back to Cool that evening (6340 E. Jefferson, Detroit). July 21, head to the inaugural Kindred Music & Culture Festival and see Willie and other amazing Detroit artists perform — and visit TeamCedricGill’s booth while you’re there! The final weekend in the month, go visit Idlewild (yes, that Idlewild) with some dope young black folk. Your month’s already been planned out.