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A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

TeamCedricGill | WSH Radio (Ep. 10)

Season 2! Recorded June 11, Project curator Larry J. Sanders kicks off Year 2 of W S H Radio with Donovan Jones and Irmon Hill of TeamCedricGill to discuss the community group's origins (8:30) and their plans for growth in 2018 (14:20) before riffing on Travis Porter's impact (19:15), Tha Carter III (22:25), and this year's NBA season (29:00).

Much love again to everyone who supported #SKATINGWITHAPURPOSE; with your help, we've raised over $500 so far to mitigate Tyler Smith's costs for his cultural immersion trip to China! TeamCedricGill's next event, #THEFUNDRAISER2, is scheduled for July 15 from 12:00pm-5:00pm; come out and support and play some spades. Visit TeamCedricGill's Twitter for more information!