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launched 1 january 2016
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A collection of the project's best essays + podcasts.

Willie Mac Jr. (Ep. 6)

This week, project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes nascent Detroit artist + entrepreneur Willie Mac Jr. to discuss old Bates Academy (2:05), his transition into music (3:50), performing "Dance Willie" (15:40), shooting the video for "Detroit's Own" (20:10), their mutual love of JAY-Z (24:00), birthday love for young Cedric Gill (37:50), how good Joel Embiid is at basketball (47:20), and quick hits on James Harden, LeBron, the OG Thunder, and Kyrie Irving (52:00).

Stream Willie's latest project Stop & Smell the Roses wherever you stream things (but preferably on TIDAL), and follow his social medias too.