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launched 1 january 2016
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A collection of the project's best essays + podcasts.

Rhyanna Morgan + William Garner on Black Panther, The Boondocks & Coming to America (Ep. 5)

Originally recorded February 17, project curator Larry J. Sanders (@lorenzojvstxn) welcomes WSH's new film + television critic Rhyanna Morgan (@HiRhy) and William Garner (@_WRG_) to discuss all things Black Panther, with some Boondocks and Coming to America talk toward the end. The trio riff on Michael B. Jordan as villain (2:40), our confidence in Agent Ross's character (14:55), T'Challa's vulnerability (19:05), James Franco's career (22:00), Oprah's hypothetical presidential campaign (25:30), Rhyanna's Coming to America piece (34:00), and some final Black Panther thoughts (36:00).

Thanks to everyone who supported the Black Panther fundraiser; last Friday, 35 students from the Dozier Recreation Center were able to see the film, and all extra proceeds are being donated to Dozier. Follow TeamCedricGill for updates on their community service work.