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launched 1 january 2016
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A collection of the project's best essays + podcasts.

Donald Glover, Kanye West, and the ills of fame with Rhyanna Morgan | W S H Radio (Ep. 9)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders shares his opinions on Donald Glover's rise to mainstream prominence (4:00) and the recent jump to compare Glover to Kanye West (18:30). Later, TV + film critic Rhyanna Morgan joins to discuss Kanye's recent behavior (27:30), the newness of Childish Gambino's character (31:40), and our overexposure to celebrities in 2018 (34:50).

There are written pieces coming soon! We're like 4 essays in the hole, but they'll be up and live on the website ASAP. In the meantime, consider joining the Mid-Aughts Music Review Challenge, and be on the lookout for big news coming from the project in the next few weeks. Season 2 of W S H Radio begins June 11.

And before you go, support #SKATINGWITHAPURPOSE, a skating party fundraiser co-sponsored by TeamCedricGill on behalf of Tyler Smith, a freshman at Detroit's Renaissance High School who will be travelling to China this summer with our assistance. Donations are gladly accepted ($skatingwithapurpose + $teamcedricgill), but we'd love to see you there next Saturday. Contact Larry if you need more info!