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A collection of WSH's best essays + podcasts.

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A Quick NBA Finals Rant + Albums of the Decade, Pt. I with Rhyanna Morgan (Ep. 21)

Lead creative Larry J. Sanders quickly runs through the Warriors-Raptors NBA Finals matchup through the first five games before introducing the WSH Radio Albums of the Decade project and jumping into Part One of the series with WSH entertainment critic Rhyanna Morgan.

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William Garner | WSH Radio (Ep. 18)

Project curator Larry J. Sanders welcomes back WSH contributor and budding author William Garner to discuss their current issues with Facebook (7:00), social media’s increasing gloominess (14:30), “FOMO” and its negatives (18:00), social media’s detrimental effects on self-awareness (27:15), and the pros and cons of constantly having platforms to speak (33:30).

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