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WSH's Fourth Annual (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs • #5

Does biting have the same effect if you do it better than the person you bit? Is that even a relevant question? Drake bites whole genres, if that’s the game we’re playing! Maybe Travis Scott is just such a believable superstar that certain lyrics carry more weight coming from him than, say, NAV or Gunna or Starrah; any time I hear one of these brand-new rappers mention chartering private jets, I sort-of reflexively roll my eyes, but Trav absolutely has a jet with a bed and big-ass windows that can cover 10 hours of airspace in only 4. And I really really wouldn’t mind traveling alongside him and Gunna on that jet, I will not tell a lie.

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WSH's Fourth Annual (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs • #7

Trav and Jeffery are unquestionably my (and I’d argue the) platonic hip-hop Yin & Yang: Thugger providing the airier, more fanciful rhythms and Travis keeping the two grounded in reality via his precisely blunt approach. Trav’s not even around much here, but he’s around just enough — and most importantly, he never lets you forget he’s here. This time, his Cudi-like hums and ad-libs are more than sufficient. On “Up to Something,” Travis is the runway for Young Thug’s takeoff, and boy does Thugger soar on this one.

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The Third Annual WSH (Not Very) Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year's Best Songs, Day Four

Yet of my favorites, “Butterfly Effect” is the clear standout, three minutes and eleven seconds of a soundscape only Travis can create in 2017. I wish I could expound more eloquently about what makes Trav so unique, but I can’t; I’ve always admired his ability to make his voice work on these beats, beats other folks likely wouldn’t be able to touch. “Butterfly Effect” is one of those instrumentals, no? It's the quintessential Travis Scott song: Cudi-like shapeshifting throughout the track, Trav's random, silly adlibs coming in from every which way. Which other rapper can you imagine on this song? Better question: which other rapper do you even want to hear on this beat?

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The Second Annual WSH Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year’s Best Songs

Last year’s Highly Scientific Ranking of the Year’s Best Songs featured me and me alone. This time, I’ve asked some writer friends to join the fun. Among these friends are academics and professional writers and folks tied into the industry, but most importantly, they are very good people with musical tastes I’ve always respected. I can’t thank them enough for their help with this article, and I’m grateful that folks – friends or not – want their writing on my little startup website.

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