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April 2018

Details on the Mid-Aughts Music Review Challenge


Much love that you've (potentially) chosen to participate in this writing challenge. I wrote about why this particular era in Black music has always intrigued me during my Week 1 write-up, and I'm glad you find this period — or any period in music — interesting enough to dive into.

I won't keep you here long. Here are da rules:

  • I’m only going to write about music from January 11, 2005 — the release date of the OG iPod Shuffle (which my dad got me as a belated Christmas gift that year; R.I.P. to a real one) — until June 11, 2010, my eighteenth birthday and, coincidentally, the day I graduated from high school.
    • However, there are many other ways to approach this: maybe you'd like to write for a few weeks about Missy Elliott's music videos, or Babyface-written songs, or 1980s glam rock. The theme your writing challenge takes is entirely up to you — make it as personal as you can.
  • 500 words. (Okay, probably more like 750. I do want to keep these sort-of brief.)

If you want me to publish your essay here, let me know. If you post your essay on your own website or blog, let me know. And feel free to share! Let's get as many people writing as possible. Thanks for supporting the project, everyone!